Freitag, 13. März 2015

Papiercollage von Petra Eller, Kunst , Acrylmalerei

Noch ein Ausschnitt 
aus der Papiercollage


  1. Hi Petra. You have such a good eye for collage and have achieved wonderful texture.
    In a previous post you mentioned your paper had curled. Did you try using a gel on the back? What did you do? Curious or nosy me wants to know. Thanks. x

  2. hi carole,
    many thanks for your kind words.
    and the collage I'll probably do behind a glass frame. it always rolls up on the corners.
    maybe I'll try another carpet clue/gel on the back.
    I write to you what I have done at the end
    hope, that this english is correct.


Acrylbild in Gelb, Petra Eller, Künstlerin im Allgäu

Zum Ende des Jahres noch eine Acrylmalerei in Gelb  O.T. Acrylmalerei auf Leinwand  40 x 40 cm 2019