Sonntag, 18. März 2012


Malerei von Klara Swoboda aus Wiggensbach im Allgäu


  1. I love your paintings, these spring colors inspiring me a lot!

  2. hallo elena,
    yes it is time for these colors.
    wish you a good sunday afternoon

  3. das grün mit dem türkis ist wunderbar frühlingshaft und fetzig!

  4. liebe mano,
    meine freundin klara wird sich über deinen kommentar sehr freuen, vielen dank ;)

  5. Hi Petras, these are striking paintings. I love your choice of colours and the compositions of the two top paintings are especially interesting. Can you tell me how you decide whether to paint your edges black or white? Thanks.

  6. Hallo Carole,
    Glad that you like this work. These are works from my friend Clare Swoboda. Together with her , I do our show . Mostly, we make the edges white. The edge in the black here is 7 inches deep and there was black better than white. Often we make a black border when the work is very large, or dominant in a work is a strong color. Such as red ,or blue and green as here.
    o god my english.;)

    1. Thanks for replying. Don't worry about your English! I'm embarrassed that I only speak English!


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