Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Acrylmalerei von Petra Eller

Titel: Irgendwo in Afrika

Acryl auf Leinwand                              80 x 80 cm


  1. Lovely colour palette Petras. Love the four white lines on the left. oh and the light blue sings to me.

  2. hi Carole,
    thank you so much for your visit. you are always so welcome . and this is a work where i have to fight with me , because it is very reduced in colors or not so colorful. and that is always not so easy for me. but i love this fights. ;)

  3. Hello, I agree with Carole. Gorgeous palette. I think the new work is coming along nicely! Well done Petra! I'm laughing at your comment about the "fight". I have been fighting with one lately and just started to win on Monday.

  4. Hi Mary,
    am very pleased that you like my work. yes the little battles can be very tiring, but the more beautiful then our result. Because we are winning. sometimes it takes longer ... but no matter.
    'm excited about your work from Monday. i will go to your blog and i will take a look. ;)

  5. Hallo Petra,

    ich bin gerade über deinen Kunstblog gestoßen und deine Arbeiten gefallen mir so gut, dass ich dich sofort verlinke.
    Ich komme jetzt regelmäßg bei dir vorbei,

    Grüße aus dem Sauerland von


  6. Hallo Claudia,
    freue mich sehr das du mich gefunden hast und freu mich noch mehr das dir meine arbeiten gefallen.
    liebe grüße aus dem allgäu ;)

  7. Wow Amazing! This was really cool painting, You are very clever!
    I wish you a nice weekend!


Acrylbild in Gelb, Petra Eller, Künstlerin im Allgäu

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