Dienstag, 24. Januar 2012

Acrylmalerei - Minis

Ich fange dieses Jahr mal ganz klein an. ;)
Ich mag ja die kleinen Formate

Acryl ,Papier,Ölkreide
auf Leinwand                                       20 x 20 cm


  1. Ciao Petra, I choose to be your followers because I like your colors and your composition that give the possibility to see what everybody want or just admired the whole paint.
    Ciao, Floriana

  2. This is on paper?! Boy did you ever get some good texture!

  3. Hello Floriana,
    Thank you for your visit and your comment. When I paint, then there must be colour and then i am ok with my work.
    greetings ;)

    Hi Carole,
    No , this is not on Paper. it is on canvas. But i have some paper - collage in the work .


Acrylbild in Gelb, Petra Eller, Künstlerin im Allgäu

Zum Ende des Jahres noch eine Acrylmalerei in Gelb  O.T. Acrylmalerei auf Leinwand  40 x 40 cm 2019