Freitag, 25. März 2011

Minis - Aquarell

Aquarell                                               10 x 10 cm


  1. Is your header new? I love it and the art piece has such presence! I love the boldness of the blue. XX

  2. Hallo Stacey,
    Yes new header. and thank you so much for your nice comment about the mini. i love the combi of blue and orange.
    in your last post there are lot of colors , too.
    it is colortime - let`s get color ;)
    have a groovy weekend xx

  3. Hey Ilka,
    Like ;) - that you like it.
    there are lovely things in your last post on Your blog.
    have a wondeful weekend
    greetings xx

  4. Hi Petra,
    thanks for your comment on my work.
    I love your work too! Great technique with watercolor and pencil, I really love mixed media!
    This painting is very pure!

  5. Thank you so much, Sylvie
    i am very happy that You like my work , too.
    have a wonderful weekend
    greetings xx


Acrylbild in Gelb, Petra Eller, Künstlerin im Allgäu

Zum Ende des Jahres noch eine Acrylmalerei in Gelb  O.T. Acrylmalerei auf Leinwand  40 x 40 cm 2019